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All-rounders of nature:
Panels made from sustainable matirials

Natural materials such as cork and wool congenitally comprise a multitude of advantageous features, which otherwise require several courses of treatment:

flame-retardant, water-repellent, stain-resistant, sound-absorbing, sound-deadening, lightfast and temperature-resistant, heat-insulating, temperature-balancing, abrasion-proof, odour-resistent, suitable for allergic persons, having a warm surface feel and look and a 100% recyclable and renewable resource.

Our panels are primarily used in the acoustics field, especially as sound-diffusers, -deadeners and –absorbers but also as purely aesthetic elements in the room or on walls or as furniture or separative elements.


Cork Panels

Available in 4 cork-designs, suitable as sound-diffuser and sound-deadener. Due to its high abrasion-resistance of more than 100,000 turns also especially suitable for seating furniture.


Wool Panels

One of the best sound-absorbers!

Available in more than 30 colours!

3 Embossment Designs

Quadrat 100mm
Square 100x100mm
Quadrat 50mm
Square 50x50mm
Linear 25mm
Linear 25mm

Customized designs

We are also able to manufacture special design just for you – of a maximum measurement of 140 x 300 cm,

possibly with special fabrics suitable for the purpose.

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