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 All-rounders by Nature

Natural materials such as cork and wool, which have been used for many centuries, congenitally comprise a multitude of advantageous features, which otherwise

require several courses of treatment:

flame retardant, sound-deadening, heat-insulating, water-repellent, abrasion-proof (more than 100,000 turns), impact-proof, lightfast and temperature-balancing, odour-resistent, suitable for allergic persons, having a warm surface feel and look, the one and only „natural vegan leather“ and what is more a 100% recyclable and renewable resource.


By means of innovative veneer-manufacturing-techniques we furnish the cork with a very modern touch, available in various designs and absolutely uniquely as a continuous roll good with a width of 135 cm. Two of our designs have made it into the “Trend Space“

of the „Heimtextil 2020“ trade fair.

The roll goods are used as wall panelling but due to its high abrasion resistance

also as upholstery.

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