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Innovatives Covering

Whenever interior, design, ambience and “feel-good atmoshere“ are concerned, material and its haptics are of uttermost importance. We strive to offer innovative covering materials that anticipate future trends and are irresistable in their optics and haptics. Customers, architects and designers shall by means of our materials feel inspired to set new courses.


We are counted among the developers of covering materials for wall and furniture in contract business that are most innovative and forestall prospective trends apart from being compelling in their look and feel and uniting design and function. One of our main assets is the development of materials in cooperation with some of the most innovative manufacturers, part of which operate in completely different trades.  The fact that 12 of our designs have made it into the “Trend Space“ of the „Heimtextil 2020“ trade fair

tells its own tale.


Our main focus is on sustainable products such as cork, which by ist very nature and without any additional treatment fulfils all requirements of concept furnishing as being:

flame-retardant, sound-absorbing, heat-insulating, water-repellent, abrasion- and impact-proof, lightfast and temperature-resistant, suitable for allergic persons, having a warm surface feel and look, being the one and only “natural vegan leather“ and a 100% recylable and renewable resource.


Apart from that/Yet, at the same time striking new synthetic materials such as our Oliver, ART Fabrics, Rubber On or Neo Pren are essential for us.

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